House & Garden (1999)

House & Garden

House & Garden is a duology of plays by Alan Ayckbourn consisting of House & Garden. Click on the links to find details of the individual plays.

Production Details

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Alan Ayckbourn

Stephen Joseph Theatre
The McCarthy

12 June 1999
17 June 1999
10 July 1999
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Company Details

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Assistant Stage Manager:
Alan Ayckbourn
Clare Smout
Roger Glossop
Mick Hughes
Christine Wall
John Pattison
Sheila Carter
Wolf Christian

Dawn Erica Dyson
Helen Reynolds
Fleur Linden Beeley
Lucy McEwan
Sarah Jackson
Charlotte Wall
Teddy Platt
Trish Platt
Sally Platt
Giles Mace
Joanna Mace
Jake Mace
Gavin Ryng-Mayne
Barry Love
Lindy Love
Lucille Cadeau
Fran Briggs
Warn Coucher
Izzie Truce
Pearl Truce
Maypole Dancers / Bandsmen
Robert Blythe
Eileen Battye
Charlie Hayes
Barry McCarthy
Janie Dee
Danny Nutt
Terence Booth
Simon Green
Alison Senior
Sabine Azema
Alexandra Mathie
Peter Laird
Antonia Pemberton
Jennifer Luckraft
Emma Anderson
Katie Bell
Katie Cannon
Gareth Edwards
Chris Makin
Rebekah Ricketts
Lauren Terry
Amelia Watkinson
Laura Bell
Elizabeth Britton
Ben Ellis
Paul Maddison
Lauren Price
Stephanie Price
Sally Smith
Faye Wardle


House & Garden consists of two plays sharing the same cast, performed simultaneously in two spaces with the cast moving between the two. In the original production, House was staged in the end-stage McCarthy auditorium and Garden in The Round at the Stephen Joseph Theatre.
The plays were written to celebrate Alan Ayckbourn's 60th birthday in April 1999. Although the move to the Stephen Joseph Theatre with its two auditoria was cited as a reason for making the production possible, Alan Ayckbourn had had the idea for such a concept going back to the early 1970s.


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